Can you think what might be the biggest mistake many would-be entrepreneurs or small business owners make? It’s not business debt (though that IS a big mistake in most instances, in my book). It’s not hiring a team too soon. It’s not spending too much money. Your biggest mistake in business, even if you haven’t started a business yet is to DO NOTHING!

On this episode of the Live Build Change podcast, I’m going to give you a loving but firm kick in the seat of the pants to get you moving toward building a channel of side income at the least, or building a business of your own that can truly (no hype here) change the world.

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Outline of This Episode: YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE

  • [0:33] My welcome to you – and who this podcast is for!
  • [1:26] The biggest mistake you can make: Doing nothing. Here’s why.
  • [3:26] The advantages technology gives to almost ANYONE these days.
  • [6:48] Practical things you can do to get started.
  • [10:12] What you need to do if you’re feeling the nudge.
  • [11:54] Something you can do to help someone you know!

Action breeds success. What are you doing to move toward success?

Think for just a minute about the most successful people you know. Better yet, pick one person who you see as being very successful. Have you got them in mind? What is it that makes them successful? There are probably a TON of things they do that contribute to their success but I can guarantee you one specific thing they do that most people who are not successful don’t do – THEY TAKE ACTION!

If YOU want to be successful, taking action is the one non-negotiable thing successful people do that you’ve got to imitate. If you want to build side income, if you want to start a business – HECK, if you want to make your life and the lives of those you love different over the long haul, your biggest mistake would be to keep living the way you’re living. You’ve got to take action (well informed and wise action) to make things different than they are now.

[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]Action breeds success. What are you doing to move toward success?[/tweetthis]

Don’t keep living out the same big mistake year after year.

If YOU don’t commit yourself to making your life and the lives of your family members better, who will? And understand me clearly, this is NOT about money, this is about YOU living up to your potential, to the gifts and unique skills God has entrusted to you. On this episode of Live Build Change, I’m challenging you to challenge your own mindset. I hope you take the time to listen.

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