Why are YOU checking out a site about becoming a world changer?

Question markMaybe you are:

  • Seeking something more fulfilling in your life.
  • Wondering if there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing.
  • In need of additional income to set yourself free from debt.
  • Curious about what it takes to build your own business.
  • Wanting a deeper sense of reality to your Christian faith.

If any of the above have brought you here, I’m excited. I think God could be connecting us.

Right here. Right now.


This website is designed to enable you to do three things (in this order)…


live your faith



There is nothing more important than your relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing. Everything you are and all you can become hinge on whether or not you submit yourself to His leadership. That’s because He has got the best plan for you and He’s the only one who has the power to make it happen. If you’re going to become any kind of world changer, it will be because He enables you.






Whether you’re happy in your present place of employment (or role at home) or not, I’m here to help you see that what you do for a living matters. I mean, think about it…

You spend most of your time there. It consumes most of your energy. It’s what sustains the most basic necessities of your life.

And here’s the kicker, God set it up that way.

Doesn’t it make sense that if God Himself has set you up to function in that kind of reality, there are some significant things He intends to come of it?

My role is to help you…

  • Dream and pray about what that might mean for you.
  • Get outside what you consider to be normal and instead, consider what might be possible.
  • Build what you have, or what you believe you should create, into something significant – for you, your family, and for the world.
[tweetthis]I hope this make you uncomfortable & excites you at the same time. It should[/tweetthis]

Why: Because it’s God-sized.





What’s the greatest thing that could come of your life? Do you even dare to ask that kind of question?

I think you should. In fact, I think God wants you to.

And the combination of your trust in Him and the business you’re in is a powerful, synergistic tool He’s going to use to do His work through you and impact the world.

That could be…

  • your little world (home, family, friends, church)
  • or something bigger (international, globe-spanning impact)

My belief is that it’s both of those – and even more than you or I know at this moment.

[tweetthis]You WILL change your world as you learn to follow God’s lead & dare great things…[/tweetthis]



How did I get to this point?

I’m not entirely sure. But here’s the story as best as I can see it…

I was busy for over 20 years in the career field of my choice – Pastoral ministry. I loved what I did. I still love what I did.

But a time came when God made it clear that it was time to move on – and I didn’t know what I was going to do instead.

[tweetthis]What do you do when you leave your #career of 20+ years & aren’t qualified to do anything else?[/tweetthis]

That’s what I was asking myself… until the day that I went looking for a job in our little mountain town. I came home with a handful of J-O-B applications:

  • One paid $10 per hour.
  • Another paid $12.
  • Oh look, this one pays $15 an hour.

There was nothing there.


If we wanted to stay in the little mountain town we loved I was going to have to figure out something else.

I’d already been listening to some podcasts. Among my favorites at the time were…


Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn Internet Business Mastery Superfast Business with James Schramko Learning with Leslie, Become a Blogger late night internet marketing


The more I listened the more a sense of excitement rose up in me about what I might be able to do in the online world. Hearing the stories of others who had build their own business from a home office or coffee shop enabled me to take the leap myself.

[tweetthis]So I started working, trying, building stuff & honestly, I wasn’t very good at it at first[/tweetthis]

And I was doing all of this as a side hustle.

When my wife and kids were in bed each evening I went to my little closet office (yes, it was in our walk-in closet) and got to work. I built websites, did side jobs I could pick up from people, created a few courses, and basically learned everything the hard way.

In the meantime, I had to change MY world by putting food on the table.

So I followed the advice of a realtor friend and got licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator in the state of Colorado.

You probably don’t know anything about what it takes to do that, so let me just tell you it’s a convoluted, confusing, messed up process (it’s the government, enough said?).

As I was in the process of studying for the federally mandated test I realized that not only was it going to be one of the hardest tests I’d ever have to take, the learning process for actually taking the test was very counter-intuitive and simply wasn’t working for most would-be loan officers. It was evident by the very high failure rate of those who attempted the test.

That’s when the “teacher” in me came alive. A light went on. All the podcasts I’d been listening to got me thinking.

That’s when I thought, “I can create a study methods course for this test and put it online.”

And that’s what I did.

Pass the Safe Exam - my first online business

My first online business that really did anything.

Out of sympathy for those having to jump through all the governmental hoops to even take the test, and based on an episode I heard on Pat Flynn’s podcast I decided to create the course as a “Pay What You Want” type of course, starting at $10.

And I waited.

[tweetthis]When the first $10 came in, I knew I could build my own business online.[/tweetthis]

Today that course brings in anywhere between $2000 and $7000 a month.

Over time, I played around with lots of things – a free tutorial website with advertisements, self-publishing, another training course, and lots more.

And then came the business idea that made me start thinking I could change the world.

About that time I was helping out a friend I’d met online with some audio editing.

As we were chatting that day, he said something that I see now as the voice of God directing me. Jason said… You should do this as a business.

Podcast Fast Track

Podcast Fast Track – my primary revenue source

And the initial ideas for Podcast Fast Track were born. Fast forward to today and PFT has…

  • been a catalyst for me discovering my WHY in business (and for the PFT team).
  • 31 clients (and counting),
  • 5 team members that I get to provide for each month on some level (more on that in a minute),
  • and generates $125K a year in gross revenue (as of 11/16).

I get great satisfaction from creating and running a business that helps get great messages out into the world. But that’s not the most exciting thing.

[tweetthis]As my income has grown, so has my vision for what I can accomplish with it… things that really matter.[/tweetthis]
  • Not only do I get to provide more than adequately for my family.
  • Not only do I get the time-freedom and schedule flexibility I didn’t even know I was missing.
  • Not only do I get to serve as a megaphone for people with important, helpful, life changing things to say (my clients).
  • Not only do I get to do something significant in providing for my team members and their families in a way that allows THEM time-freedom and work-from-home opportunities.

I also get to leverage the profits of my business for causes and needs that I believe in.

That’s the CHANGE your world part of my business vision, remember?

For me, it means:

  • Helping people in my church or community or family in tangible ways as needs arise.
  • Supporting individuals I know who are going on mission or service trips.
  • Investing in ministry or non-profit causes that I believe can really, REALLY change the world.
Wycliffe Bible Translators - part of my vision for changing the world-1

Wycliffe Bible Translators – part of my vision for changing the world

One example of an organization I want to support on a large scale is Wycliffe Bible Translators. I’ve been told by one of their missionaries that it takes 6 to 8 years for $20,000 to $40,000 per year to fund an entire translation of the Bible into the language of a people group who has never had the scriptures in their native tongue.

I want to do that. I want to fund an entire Bible translation.

No, I’d like to fund 2 or 3 of them in my lifetime. And it’s the BUILD part of my LIVE-BUILD-CHANGE vision that will enable that to happen.

And that’s just the start. Those are the kinds of things I hadn’t even dreamed of 3 years ago. But as I said…

[tweetthis]The success of my business has opened possibilities I wish I’d seen earlier in my life.[/tweetthis]

And that takes me full-circle… to YOU.

What kind of world changer do YOU want to be?

Whatever it is – whatever vision or cause or purpose God reveals to you – I believe it is possible for you to fund it and fuel it as you live your faith genuinely and build a business that can fuel your vision.

Do you believe it can happen?

Carey Green - entrepreneur and founder of LIVE-BUILD-CHANGE

Hi, it’s me!

I hope you stick around this site and visit often to get the inspiration, encouragement, and equipping you need to be a part of God bringing it about in your life.

That’s my story – and why I’m so eager to pour out everything I’ve learned from my entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.

I’d love for you to benefit from it, to grow from it, to be encouraged by it, to LIVE your faith authentically, BUILD your own business and as a result, CHANGE your world.

Thanks for reading,

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