What could you do with an extra $500 per month? And before you answer you need to realize, it’s not about the money. It’s about what might happen if you start thinking outside your normal view of what’s “normal” in your finances.

A hypothetical “extra $500 per month” enables us to think in terms of “what if” – in terms of what might be possible for you – to help you start dreaming about possibilities instead of being limited by what’s always been. Does that make sense? So I’m asking you again – on this episode – “What would an extra $500 per month do for you, for your family, for your ability to impact the world.

And remember, it’s not about the money – because YOU are not about the money. You’re a Christ-follower, called to more than just the accumulation of money. You’re called to be a STEWARD of all that God gives you – and that INCLUDES money. Listen in to this episode to find out how to get outside of the penny-to-penny mindset and begin thinking in terms of possibilities.

Outline of This Episode: WHY IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY

  • [0:40] Welcome to the episode and why we can aggressively build businesses to change the world.
  • [1:21] What could you do with $500 extra dollars a month?
  • [2:00] The variety of circumstances each of us are in. I don’t take this lightly.
  • [4:43] Ideas to use $500 extra dollars to set yourself up for success.
  • [6:30] What if you’re not in a penny pinching situation?
  • [7:48] What could happen if you start thinking outside your normal limitations?
  • [9:38] How you can connect with me.

You’re called to something bigger than simply earning money or creating wealth.

As a Christ-follower you’re a STEWARD. That’s an altogether different thing.

Think of it this way, the King of the Universe (Jesus) has appointed you to be a steward over parts of His kingdom. He’s put a lot of things that are important to Him under your supervision – relationships, resources, responsibilities, tasks, even money. AS His steward, what are you going to DO with those things?

Will you be the steward who tucks away your Master’s resources out of fear?

You remember the parable Jesus told, right? The 3 stewards are given differing amounts of money and told to make use of it profitably until the Master returned. One of them was afraid, so he hid the money away to keep it from being lost.

But he MISSED THE POINT of his Master’s instructions. It was NOT about the money, it was about his faithful stewardship of what the Master had given him. There’s a fundamental mindset shift there that can change the way you live, the way you handle the finances you’ve been given, and the sorts of things you consider to be possible through your stewardship of Jesus’ resources.

Will you make the jump to a new kind of logic – a kingdom oriented mindset that’s full of possibility? I hope you’ll listen to this episode. I’ve got some ideas to help you get started.

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