If you’ve been in a 9 to 5 job for very long you probably don’t think in terms of multiple streams of income. But there are some very clear and important advantages to not having all your financial eggs in one basket. I discovered that when I stepped out on my own into the entrepreneurial world and on this episode I’d like to share a bit of what I learned.


  • [0:36] My welcome and introduction to this episode about multiple streams of income.
  • [2:26] Why multiple streams of income can be powerful in your life.
  • [5:28] My self-inflicted loss of income (all my eggs in one basket).
  • [7:30] What multiple streams of income might look like – my example.
  • [12:10] What benefits could you experience from multiple streams of income.

Multiple streams of income is not such a bad idea because…

It enables you to have some security – with a little “s” – in your life, so that you can launch out to do bigger and bolder things with the income you have. I mean, think it through for a second. What would you be willing to risk financially to expand a kingdom cause if you knew that your basic bills, food and clothing, and that kind of stuff was taken care of? Thinking in those terms opens up a whole new world of possibilities, doesn’t it?

The internet makes it entirely possible for ANYONE to build multiple streams of income.

When you thought about establishing multiple streams of income in the past you had to think about taking on a second job, like driving pizza deliveries or waiting tables in the evenings. And most of us have probably done exactly that at some point in our lives. But the internet has changed the world to such a degree that we don’t have to go work for somebody else to bring in extra income. We no longer need to trade time for money. Now we have the ability to build something of our own that we don’t have to share with anyone else. And THAT kind of income enables us to think bigger in what we could do for the sake of Christ’s causes.

I invite you to think this issue of multiple streams of income through in terms of possibility. Don’t let yourself come up with all the reasons why it won’t work – at least not just yet. Allow yourself to dream a bit about what you could do with additional income from a variety of sources. Then listen to this episode to hear my assignment for you along those lines.

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