OK, just for the fun of it let’s say you are ready to start a business. I hope the next question that’s coming to mind for you is “What KIND of business should I start?”

Yep, that’s what I thought. You’re a smart one!

There are many, many options of the kind of business you can develop – many more than I’m able to cover in this blog post or the podcast episode that accompanies it. But I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop doing a bit of work and thought it would be helpful to walk through just a few of the most common options for you, so you could have some food for thought.

Speaking of food… the crepes at the coffee shop are amazing! Check out the link in the resources to come visit sometime.

But back to the issue of what kind of business you should start…

In this audio I’m going to walk through 3 types of businesses that you could consider. Here’s how I think of them.

#1 – A traditional “brick and mortar” location-based business.

#2 – A completely online business that’s location independent.

#3 – A hybrid model that supplies physical products to consumers but does it all online.

So that’s what you’ll hear on this episode. I hope it’s helpful to you as you consider what kind of business is best for you.

And keep in mind, that really IS the issue – what’s best for you, the life you live, and the calling God has placed on it.

You won’t be able to achieve the things He wants for you through some kinds of businesses, you will through others. So be clear about that.

I’m convinced that more and more Christ-followers can build businesses of various types to truly have an impact on the world through the income their businesses produce.

I hope you’ll jump on board, learn how to do it yourself, and get busy blessing people!

Thanks for listening.

Summary of This Episode About: WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS

  • [0:40] What does it really look like for YOU to build a business? You get to decide.
  • [2:28] The coffee shop as an example of a “brick and mortar” business and the expenses involved.
  • [6:44] Business example 2: A non-physical location business.
  • [9:33] Comparing the expenses as a consideration for what kind of business you begin.
  • [11:29] Why I’m sold on the kind of business I do – but it may not be for you.
  • [12:05] Ecommerce businesses through Amazon (or other) online product sales.

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