There are lots of terms thrown around in the online business community and if you’re new to the idea of starting a side-hustle or founding a startup – wait a minute, there I go using terms you may not be familiar with. So… the point is…

I want to help you understand two of the most commonly used terms you hear in the business community these days – freelancer and entrepreneur. What’s the difference, what are the pros and cons of each, and why would you want to pick one over the other?

Are you a freelancer? Or are you an entrepreneur? Here’s how you can tell…

I often find it helpful to compare and contrast things within an area of interest to me. Seeing the similarities and differences helps me get the details of them straight in my own head.

On this episode I’m highlighting what’s the same and what’s different between the roles of freelancer and entrepreneur. It’s important for a number of reasons…

  1. One will likely fit your personality better than the other
  2. Your particular skills and gifts may not be utilized best in one role over another
  3. When you find which one fits you better, you’ll simply be happier and more effective

So… here’s to you – you, freelancer – or entrepreneur!

Consistency and Relationship make the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur.

I really want you to listen to this episode of Live Build Change – not because it’s all about me but simply because I cover more details on the audio than I do on this webpage. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the time to listen, here’s the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur in a nutshell…

Consistency and Relationship.

A freelancer is going to do work for a particular client LESS consistently and with a more “acquaintance-like” relationship than an entrepreneur or business owner will.

Describing it from the other perspective, a business owner or entrepreneur is typically going to establish long-term relationships with ongoing clients or customers, and their relationships will typically go deeper – or at least they should.

Like I said, you’ll get a lot more clarity from listening. If time’s an issue your podcast player should have a fast speed setting. 🙂

Summary of This Episode About: Freelancer VS Entrepreneur

  • [0:36] The terms that we throw around in the business world these days.
  • [2:14] What does it look like to run a business as an entrepreneur?
  • [6:55] Freelancer = skill or expertise for hire, one project at a time.
  • [10:39] You get to choose if you want to be an entrepreneur or freelancer.
  • [11:04] The CONS of being a freelancer.
  • [11:59] The CONS of being an entrepreneur or traditional business owner.

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