Side income is not for the sake of the money.

It’s for the sake of the things it can do for your life, the people you love, and the world at large.

That’s what LIVE-BUILD-CHANGE is about from beginning to end – LIVE your faith, BUILD your business, CHANGE your world.

$500 of side income could…

  • Get you caught up on overdue bills
  • Take care of medical expenses you’ve been chipping away at
  • Pay down your debt significantly faster
  • Create an emergency fund to cover those unexpected expenses
  • Put your kids into private school, or enable you to home school
  • Pay for that long overdue vacation
  • Get the braces your daughter’s been needing
  • Fund a more reliable car in less than a year
  • Give you the opportunity to give generously to people who have needs
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But you want to generate that side income without killing yourself, don’t you?

Delivering pizzas at night is great. Waiting tables might do it. And if you need the extra income right away, you may have no other choice than to take on that kind of “second job” mentality for a while.

As Dave Ramsey says, for a while you may have to

 “…live like no one else so that you can live like no one else.”

But in that kind of situation, there’s a problem.

You’re locked into that same routine, night after night, weekend after weekend, for the foreseeable future.

I’ve done those kinds of things myself. There have been seasons of my life where I had no other choice. My “kill-myself-job” of choice always seemed to be an early morning paper route.

But there’s a better way (in my humble opinion).

  • It doesn’t generate income as quickly.
  • It’s not easy.
  • It requires the same kind of hard work and commitment.
  • But the results can be compounded.

Side income a better way

Today’s technology provides a way to apply that same hard work in a concentrated way for a short period of time, and reap rewards that will continue to pay you week after week, month after month, while you spend time with your family.

I’m doing this right now to the tune of almost $1200 per week.

Yes. Per week.

It didn’t get to that level overnight. In fact, the first “cha-ching” I heard was one $10 purchase. But over the course of 3 years, by making modifications to the course, marketing improvements, and price increases, I’ve gotten it to that level.

And that’s just one of my online business ventures.

There are so many ways you could choose to generate that side income, it’s hard to comprehend.

  • Sell products on Amazon (my son is doing this)
  • Create a course using your skills or expertise that people can buy (I do this)
  • Write that book you’ve always wanted to write and sell it (I do this)
  • Become an affiliate (sell someone else’s product and get a commission)
  • Become a coach, in almost any area of expertise you might have
  • Build a quirky or niche based website and sponsor advertisements on it that pay you when someone clicks them (I do this)

And the list goes on and on.

None of these are get-rich quick schemes. None of them are easy to establish, market, and get rolling.

But they all bring in the drip-drip-drip of recurring income that has enabled me to support my family and more.

But side income is significant in another way you may not have thought of.

I’ve got a “cha-ching” sound attached to the email address for my mortgage loan study course. Whenever somebody purchases the course, I hear the sound. On an average day I hear that sound between 4 and 10 times..

Whenever I hear that sound, I pause to notice what I’m doing at that moment and THANK THE LORD that no matter what I’m doing, I earned some income while I was doing it.

  • Eating dinner with my family
  • Driving my son to a friend’s house
  • Hiking with my daughter
  • Sitting at the coffee shop, talking with my wife
  • Chatting with a friend
  • Visiting my son’s family on a holiday vacation
  • Sitting on the beach in Imperial Beach, CA (we did this last summer)

It’s like magic, but it’s not.

[tweetthis]It’s the power of hard work applied once for an ongoing return. [/tweetthis]

And the internet makes it possible in ways that haven’t existed before.

I now have the opportunity to enjoy the relationships and experiences that make up my life, and make significant side income at the same time.

Is that the kind of thing you’d like to see happen in your life?

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t just happen.

YOU have to do something.

YOU have to take action.

YOU have to get over that first hump to get yourself rolling.

If you’d like to read more of my story you can find it here.

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