Treating people right should be a given in any business. But sadly, it’s not. That’s because it’s easy in the hustle and hurry of business for people to get masked by dollar signs – those indicators of success that we all look to. But I recently had an exchange with a nationally-known company – GEICO – that not only gave me hope, it encouraged me deep down. On this episode of Live Build Change I’m going to share my experience with you and tell you the lessons I walked away with about how I should structure and run my own business.

[2:21] The Christian’s secret weapon that empowers treating people right.

Christian business people should of ALL people have the corner on the market when it comes to treating people right. The reason I say that is because we have the Spirit of the living God (who IS love) living within us. It’s part of our makeup to care for people. If it’s not, then we have deeper problems than just business problems. Before I get into telling the story about my experience with GEICO I have a few words to say about how the Holy Spirit can enable us to run companies that truly care for people and take into consideration the situations in which they find themselves.

[5:02] My email exchange with GEICO: A great example of treating ME right.

The scenario: GEICO offered us a “good student discount” when we added my 17 year old son to our insurance policy, but we had to provide proof that he was indeed a good student. That meant sending in report cards, test scores, something that GEICO could use to verify that he was indeed a good student. Our situation was a bit different because we are a homeschooling family – AND we live in a state where standardized testing is only required on the odd numbered school years. That made for a bit of a dilemma when it came to satisfying the requirements GEICO would normally have. What happened was not only surprising… it was also DELIGHTFUL. You can hear the story on this episode.

[14:17] Core values, effective training, and good hiring enable companies to treat people right.

It’s easy to SAY we want our companies to treat people right, but it doesn’t happen by accident. There’s got to be an ethos that permeates the environment so that every person knows how important it is and exactly what it means to treat people right. That means we’ve got to have some kind of core values that are clearly and consistently communicated – effective training to ensure that our team gets the core values and knows how to implement them – AND that we are hiring the right people, people who LOVE our core values as much as we do. On this episode I chat a bit about those pieces of the puzzle, so be sure you listen.


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