The kinds of second income jobs available these days are a lot more diverse than waiting tables or early morning paper route delivery. There are so many opportunities to find a second income job that fits YOUR schedule and time frame it’s really unbelievable. On this episode I’m going to walk you through JUST A HANDFUL of the opportunities I know something about to give you a taste – JUST A LITTLE TASTE – of what you can do if you are willing to start.

Outline of This Episode: SECOND INCOME JOBS

  • [1:40] Ways you can start building side income right away.
  • [2:31] Why eBay is an opportunity you can utilize right now.
  • [3:00] Sell on Amazon – anyone can do it with new or used items.
  • [3:58] The opportunities you could find on Fiverr.
  • [5:20] Freelancing opportunities that are possible online.
  • [6:46] The crafty person can get in on the online money train as well.
  • [7:43] eBook publishing – writing, etc.
  • [8:13] Online courses: an amazing opportunity.
  • [9:37] You could become a proofreader – and an idea for getting started.
  • [11:26] You already own your home. Why not make money from it?
  • [12:28] Driving around for dollars.
  • [14:17] Delivering food for extra cash.
  • [15:04] Do “missions” for people and earn some extra money.
  • [15:59] Test other people’s websites for profit.
  • [16:55] You have to get started with side income jobs NOW.
  • [18:02] How you can connect with me and a favor I’m asking of you.

How much do you think you could make with a side income job?

The main issue is that you’re exchanging your time for somebody else’s money. I talked about that in episode 11. But it’s a place to start – and given the flexible nature of what is out there, you could wind up feeling like you’re not really trading much time at all, especially if you wind up enjoying the side income opportunity you’ve found.

But I don’t have time to work a side income job!

I feel your pain. I felt that way off and on for my entire pastoral career even though I KNEW that I had to figure out a way to make more money so that I could get my family out of debt. It was gnawing at me. BUT – here’s the sad truth: I let myself buy the excuse that I didn’t have enough time and never did anything. It’s sad but true. I wanted the debts to be paid off, but not badly enough. I wasn’t willing to make sacrifices to see it happen. That’s the cold, hard facts of my story. I don’t want you to make that same mistake. Don’t let yourself have any excuses. You can get started today. And this episode will give you more than a handful of options so you CAN get started right now.

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