It’s a real fact of life that business losses happen. I’m living proof now. On this episode of the Live Build Change podcast I’m going to tell you what happened, the first week of April 2017 that caused me to instantly lose $4,000 per month. Yep. It was the loss of a business that I never saw coming but is causing me to revamp, reevaluate, and refocus my efforts – but it hasn’t knocked me out… and I’m going to tell you why.

[1:18] The business loss I just experienced: My online course is gone.

[6:36] Business changes. Setbacks occur. Money goes away.

The hard reality of building any kind of business is that there is always the possibility that it’s going to someday go away. But really, it’s the same with any job. You could get laid off tomorrow, or injured, or flat out fired. There’s no such thing as security in this life. What do you do when something you depended on is instantly gone? I’ll tell you what I’m doing on this episode as I recover and reorient myself after the loss of a very successful online course.

[9:05] Learning to take the loss of a business in a positive way.

[11:21] How this business loss emphasizes the need for diversified sources of income.

[14:14] Why strong Christian faith during a business loss requires that you “live” your faith first.

Every week you hear me talking about the importance of living your faith, building a business, and changing your world – and you may not have recognized it but those three things are in the particular order they are in for a reason. You can’t endure a business loss like I just did if you are not first living out a vibrant faith in Christ. Oh, you might get through it, but not with the peace and confidence that God is amazingly providing to me right now. I’ve got a challenge for you now – before you face a business loss – and it’s aimed at helping you get your spiritual ducks in a row so that any losses you do experience in the future do not include the loss of your faith.

Take the time to listen to this one. It’s one of the most raw and real I’ve recorded yet.

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