The real power of social media is not in marketing, or chatbots, or online groups. It’s not in SEO or conversions.

Those are all important for a successful online business, mind you – but they are NOT the real power of social media. Social media was meant to be SOCIAL (duh) – that means you should be working to build REAL RELATIONSHIPS with REAL PEOPLE out there in the REAL world.

The technology of social media is the tool (like a telephone) that you use to do that.

It’s an unprecedented opportunity we have these days. I have business associates who live in the Ukraine, clients who live in England, and others I truly “know” as a friend who travel the globe.

I carry on regular conversations with them about significant things.

And it all happens through the power of social media.

This episode is a bit different (and shorter) but I think the message is truly powerful. It’s a concept that will serve you well if you work diligently to apply it well. Making friends – true friends – through the technology we call social media, is one of the most reliable, effective ways to position yourself for personal and business success.

That’s because social media gives you the opportunity to truly be of benefit to others out there in the interwebs. You get to help them. Really help them.

And did you know that when you help someone, they instinctively trust you more than they did before you helped them? Do you see where I’m going with this? Trust. Trust.

Trust is the foundation of all healthy human interactions – even in business.  Especially in business.

Do you have online friends who are eager to see you succeed? If not, it’s probably because you haven’t taken the time to be of value to them. You haven’t worked to be a blessing, long-distance and digital as it may be.

But you can – that’s the beauty of this thing. You CAN be a blessing through the resources you share, the people you introduce your people to, the advice you give, and much more. You’ve just got to look beyond the stupid cat videos and trite memes to see the opportunity.

OK, the rant’s over (for now). But you can hear more on this episode of the podcast.

I hope you do.

Summary of This Episode About: The Real Power of Social Media

  • [0:41] The intent of social media: to be social.
  • [4:32] Why building relationships first is helpful to building a business.
  • [7:33] Connections open the door to other relationships you are going to need in time.

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