It’s true, though we don’t like to admit it: the first step is the hardest.

Getting started, moving out into the unknown, stepping out to discover something new, taking a risk… all of these are ways to describe the emotion we sometimes feel when it comes to doing new things.

But it’s those new things that bring about the changes we want most in life.

We can’t expect the future to be better, to be different if we are unwilling to make it different.

That means we’ve got to get started, and the first step is often the hardest.

Here’s a rough outline of taking the first step…

  • [0:57] The significance of the first step in anything
  • [2:08] The most common reason people don’t get started
  • [3:40] Why it’s vital to step past what is familiar into the unknown

It’s a bit dysfunctional, but we humans tend to prefer something that isn’t working but is familiar, to something that might work but is unfamiliar.

Think about it. Often the reason we don’t take the first step into a new opportunity or adventure is the fear of what might happen.

  • What if it’s too hard?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I can’t handle the pressure?
  • What if it’s not what I’m expecting?
  • What if I’m not ready?

The “what if”s are many. But so are the reasons to move ahead. Among those reasons are…

  • Nothing you want to change will change if you don’t get started
  • Wishes don’t make things reality, diligent, informed action does
  • Nothing great in history was accomplished by doing nothing
  • Even God makes things happen through action – God so loved, He gave…

You get the point, right?

So the real question is this: What is keeping you from taking the first step into something new, something that could change your life and future for the better?

You’ve got to answer that question and attack what you find. You won’t build anything that improves your life or the lives of others unless you do.

So find a friend, maybe your spouse, and sit down to talk it through.

Identify the things that keep you from taking that hard first step. Know what they are. Get to understand why they scare you so much.

Then go to prayer. Ask God Himself for the courage to not only take that first hard step, but to take the next one, and the next one as your faith in Him increases.

And don’t forget, He’s with you every step of that journey, through the easy steps and the hard ones. And HE is the one who will build anything you do.

So step out, even when the first step is the hardest. Trust Him. Trust Him to do the hard things that you can only imagine happening. And watch what He does.

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