When it comes to finding the best online business ideas, there is NOT a one-size-fits-all business model. In some ways, I wish it was that simple. But the fact is that there are many variables that may not suit you when it comes to running or owning any particular business. On this episode, I’m pointing out a few of the things you should consider as you try to hone down the options and find the best online business ideas for you.

[0:43] Why the best online business is one that fits you (in a variety of ways).

My main point for this episode is pretty straightforward: The best online business ideas are not the ones that are making the most money right now, or the ones that many people seem to be benefitting from. The best online business ideas for you are the ones that actually fit who God has made you to be. Yep, it’s a God thing. Again. It always is. One of the most frustrating situations you could put yourself into is one where you’re having to do daily work in an area that doesn’t fit you. And I fear that many people do exactly that simply because the money looks good. Find out how I advise you to go about it a bit differently, on this episode.

[2:53] Any business you pursue should be one you are at least interested in.

[6:35] The best online business ideas for you are ones that fit your personality.

I had a stint when my oldest son was very young where I worked for a direct sales company. It was our job to go into businesses and sell “tabletop advertising.” That means advertising they would purchase that would be placed on the tabletop of the local hotspot cafe or restaurant. As you might imagine, it was a pretty tough job – and all the more difficult for me because it required a personality that I did not possess. That’s one of the experiences that has convinced me that no matter how great an opportunity, if a business idea doesn’t fit your personality, you should run.

[10:25] Where should your lifestyle desires fit into this whole thing?

There is a ton of talk about there these days about building a “lifestyle business” – and what they mean is that you want to determine the type of lifestyle you want to live and then find a business model that will enable you to live that way. I get it. It’s very appealing. And in some ways it’s smart. But for a Christ-follower, I don’t believe it should be the top consideration when it comes to analyzing the best online business ideas that you could pursue. But still – lifestyle does have some part in the decision. Find out how I balance the two, on this episode.

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