Have you ever considered that there could be such a thing as spiritual business practices?

One of the most unfortunate things that has happened in the recent history of the Evangelical church is that individuals sitting in the pews have gotten the impression that the clergy, those trained professionally for ministry, are the only ones who can actually do ministry.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In this great conversation with my friend, Paul Moore you will come to understand what I’m talking about when I say “spiritual business.” It’s a possibility for anyone who has an open, generous heart and is eager to be a tool in God’s hand to change the world.

Spiritual Business with Paul Moore: OUTLINE

  • [0:38] Why I have intentionally been slow about having guests on the show – and why I invited Paul Moore to be the first guest
  • [2:11] The wild business and entrepreneurial background in Paul’s journey and how faith has played its part in each decision
  • [6:33] Significant things that have happened in Paul’s experience since he began seeing himself as one who does spiritual business
  • [10:54] Paul’s advice for employees about the impact they can make on a spiritual level in their business activities
  • [15:53] For business owners who want to do spiritual business to bless the world
  • [22:42] How can you get started with an entrepreneurial endeavor?
  • [28:20] What it means to live your faith as a business person
  • [32:52] How Christ-followers have an advantage bigger than Bill Gates
  • [35:06] Paul’s experience in real estate and his advice for getting started in that realm
  • [42:42] Why real estate rather than a brick and mortar business
  • [47:42] The current investing deals and spiritual business visions Paul is working toward

What do you mean by the phrase, “Spiritual Business”

In one way, it’s kind of sad that I phrase like spiritual business is not easily understood. But I get it.

The teaching we’ve received from well-meaning pastors and evangelists has given us the impression that business is a sordid thing to get into and the very best we can do is to keep our hands clean of the improprieties that often happen.

But my guest and I have both come to understand that like anything else in life, business can be done in a spiritual way. It only makes sense because all of us are spiritual beings. And as followers of Jesus Christ, we have been given the Holy Spirit of God who is able to lead us into the best practices that enable us to build a business that can benefit people on a large scale.

In this conversation, Paul Moore and I chat about his experiences in business and how he came to realize that he didn’t have to be seminary trained in order to do spiritual work. Some of the ways this guy and his partners are looking to change the world are downright inspiring.

He’s got my wheels turning when it comes to new ways I might be able to leverage my business endeavors for greater purposes.

Trust that God is going to lead you into what He wants you to do

One of the things I wanted to ask Paul, simply because he has such a wide array of experiences in the business world, was how he would advise a person who has an entrepreneurial bent but doesn’t know exactly what sort of business they should pursue.

Paul’s advice was golden.

He says the first thing you need to do is to trust that God is going to lead you if He wants you to be pursuing some kind of business. It’s God’s plan that matters, first of all, you just get to come along for the ride. So believe that He will guide you through your open and teachable heart, and get started one step at a time. As you are moving, God will direct you.

And if you have no interest in starting your own business and instead feel called to the corporate world, Paul has a story or two that will lift your spirits as well.

You don’t want to miss the true account about the Jewish CEO who was healed through the faithful prayers of one of his Christian employees. And it didn’t stop there. The CEO became one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Christian employee and even put him and God on the spot to change the weather.

I told you it’s a great story. You’ve got to hear it on this episode.

Dream Big! The spiritual significance of your business endeavors can’t be underestimated

The significance of what you and I can accomplish through a spiritual business should never be underestimated. It’s not just about making money, it’s about what we can do for the kingdom with the money that is generated.

And beyond that, there are people who work with us and for us who we can bless in normal and not so normal ways through the positions God gives us as business leaders.

It’s time for us to start dreaming big. Businesses that are led from a spiritual perspective can be a tool in God’s hand to accomplish great things. Go this conversation is almost an hour, you won’t regret a minute of it.

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