Most people in the workforce are perfectly willing to trade time for money. You may not think of it that way, but it’s true.

But there are a few fundamental problems with that approach to making a living and getting ahead financially. Can you think of what they are?

One has to do with YOU – and another has to do with your EMPLOYER.

Outline of This Episode: TRADE TIME FOR MONEY?

  • [0:34] What does it mean to exchange time for money? Why is it important?
  • [2:22] Limitations on the time for money exchange.
  • [4:08] A sales job is not typically a time for money exchange (it’s called commission).
  • [5:46] Other options to get out of trading time for money (there are many).
  • [7:30] Why faith in Christ determines much of what we are willing to do.
  • [8:54] If you want to move ahead financially you have to stop trading time for money.
  • [10:00] What happens when you subscribe to Live Build Change?

Trading your time for money can only get you so far.

That’s because you only have SO MUCH time to trade. Think it through for a moment. You’ve only got 40, 50, maybe 60 hours a week that you can realistically give to an employer in exchange for the money he’s willing to pay you before you burn out and lose the more important things in life – like your family.

If you want to get ahead financially and really build the ability to make a difference in the world with your finances, you have got to figure out a way to generate more income that doesn’t require that you exchange your time for it.

Sales jobs are an excellent way to get out of the time for money exchange.

But not everybody is a salesperson. You know?

I sure wasn’t. I’ve tried it a few times and discovered the hard way that something about the sales dynamic and environment just didn’t fit my personality. So that option for getting out of the exchange of my time for someone else’s money wasn’t doable. But I discovered something that was – and it’s worked wonderfully for this non-sales guy.

If you’ve heard the Zero episode of this podcast you know what it is. If not, you can listen to this episode and get the summarized version – and my challenge to you to start thinking outside the little box you’ve made for yourself.

It’s time to put your faith to work and start building a business that can change your world!

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