If you’ve never asked, “Should I start a business?” I’d be surprised.

Most people who hang around the entrepreneurial space on the internet (which is where I assume you came across this little post) have asked the question at one time or another. And it’s not an easy question to answer.

Behind it is the assumption that there really IS a “should” or “should not” to the issue. In other words, God Himself has an opinion about whether you should be getting into business or not. I think that’s true. No, I KNOW it’s true. God indeed DOES have an opinion on the subject and I have no doubt that one of the most important things you can do is work to discover what His opinion is.

In my journey as a Christ-follower (over 44 years at this point), I’ve discovered that not only does God have an opinion about things like that – He also delights to make His opinion known to us. But it doesn’t come through a heavenly megaphone or bullhorn.

There’s no Bat-phone equivalent (a burning bush, maybe?) that He uses to give us marching orders.

But there IS a surefire way to know if God wants you to go into business. It’s very simple. But it’s not easy.

I hope you’ll take the time to understand how a very simple principle I cover on this episode can open up all kinds of doors to you when it comes to knowing exactly what God wants you to do.

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Outline of This Episode: Should You Start A Business?

  • [0:14] My invitation to you to listen to the ZERO episode – it’s important!
  • [0:42] What does it mean for a Christ-follower to open for business?
  • [2:56] What our wisest decisions in life depend on.
  • [3:53] The foolproof way to know if God is leading you into business (it’s simple, but not easy).
  • [9:29] What Christian disciplines are meant to do and how it impacts your life direction.
  • [14:23] Why you need to relax and rest while trying to answer this important question.

If you want to know if you should start a business, God has the answer.

And He wants you to know it. But you’re going to have to seek it. No – even more than seeking the answer you’re going to need to seek HIM. And there’s a world of difference between those two things.

Do you realize that? God isn’t a Genie or vending machine who spits out what you want when you put in your quarter of faith. He’s a Person, THE Person who holds the universe in His hand, the most important person in your life.

In order to answer the question, you need to know the ONE who has the answer.

You may say, “Sure, I know God.” And it may be true. But the most important part of knowing God is that you know His heart, His desires, His will – and that you delight in them. It’s that delight, that glad submission to what God is up to that enables you to understand what He wants for YOU to do, specifically.

I unpack the idea from the scriptures on this episode of the podcast – aimed at helping you understand if you should start a business of your own. I hope you listen. 🙂

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