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YOU can make a POWERFUL DIFFERENCE in the lives of others by sharing the LIVE BUILD CHANGE message…


One of the most helpful ways you can do that is by leaving a rating and review of the LIVE BUILD CHANGE podcast on iTunes. Algorithms in the iTunes software assess whether a podcast is truly useful to listeners. It does that by considering downloads, subscriptions, and RATINGS AND REVIEWS. The more of those things it has, the more helpful iTunes considers the show to be – and the more it is promoted organically within the iTunes directory.


If you’d like to let the iTunes powers that be know that LIVE BUILD CHANGE is truly helpful, here’s how you can do it!


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The video below shows you how to do it, step by step.


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Below are a number of options for how you can subscribe to the LBC podcast.


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When you personally recommend the LIVE BUILD CHANGE podcast to someone you know who could benefit from the show, you’re doing more than you know to help them in their spiritual journey and to change their life and the lives of others here and now. Would you take the time to do that right now?

  1. Copy this web address:
  2. Open your email.
  3. Prayerfully consider who you should tell about LBC (it might be more than one person).
  4. Write a personal note to that person telling them WHY you believe the LBC podcast would be a blessing to them, and paste in the web address to make it easy for them to find the podcast.


Thank you! I love partnering with you to see God’s work done in your life and the lives of so many others. Your actions on this page are literally changing the lives of others.



If you've benefited, share it with someone else!