Too many people find themselves in a place where they’ve lost all sense of personal momentum. They’re stuck, thinking their life is a dead-end, uncertain where to step next – or worse yet, don’t even feel that they should step out at all. But your life doesn’t have to be that way. You can make changes, today, that impact your future in a positive direction. This episode of the Live Build Change podcast is aimed at encouraging you that you can do it.

Outline of This Episode: PERSONAL MOMENTUM

  • [1:30] An illustration of the power of momentum.
  • [4:40] Momentum in business is not about gravity or speed, is it?
  • [6:45] Do you really NOT have enough time, or is it just an excuse?
  • [8:25] Why you need to start your momentum sooner rather than later.
  • [10:36] The more steps you take, the further down the road you can see.
  • [11:38] Fighting the resistance you feel.
  • [15:01] You are not your failures – your failures do not define you.
  • [16:41] Have you noticed what God says in the Tower of Babel account?
  • [18:29] What do you really want? What are you supposed to be reaching for?

How can you get back the personal momentum you used to have?

It’s not easy, but it’s possible. But first, you’ve got to believe that you can. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to derail your personal momentum, I can assure you, people who have been derailed in far worse ways have made the determination to get back on track – and have done it. On this episode I’m offering you a bit of encouragement – a pep talk – a shot in the soul about why you can get your life rolling in a better direction. I hope you’ll receive my words. There’s a lot of truth here that will help you if you’ll let it.

The past has nothing to do with the future.

Of course we’re all shaped by our past. I’m not one of those looney toon guys who says it has no effect on you. But the reality is that the way things have happened in the past, or the experiences we’ve had, have nothing to say about what might happen in the future. Tomorrow is a clean slate that you can write on in ways you never imagined, if you will trust the LORD to give you the vision to know what to write. I want you to be encouraged, to get out of your slump and get your life moving in a better direction. But you’ve got to be willing. Are you?

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