Media Appearances

lifestyle business podcast interviewsIt’s been a humbling experience to be interviewed by various podcasters and radio hosts.

The first time I was asked, I was honestly flabbergasted. I hadn’t spent much time doing my own entrepreneurial thing yet, and didn’t really think I had that much to say.

But it’s been great fun as I’ve honed my entrepreneurial chops and have learned that I have a lot to share with people who want to walk the same path I have walked. I truly hope these conversations are of help to you.

Online harvestThe Online Harvest with Estevan Montoya

This was my first interview. Estevan is a go-get-em entrepreneur. We talked about all kinds of things – faith, business, family, and the mixture of all of them. You can hear more of Estevan’s episodes at

generations-radio-260x195-v3Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson

This interview as on the specific topic of marriage, highlighting my couple’s devotional study “The Marriage Improvement Project.” Kevin is a pro at leading an interview in an interesting direction and did a great job helping me get past my radio show jitters (this is an actual radio show, not a podcast). You can get more from Generations Radio at

ebfaithEntrepreneur by Faith with Roger Bush

Roger is eager to profile Christian entrepreneurs of all kinds. He was kind enough to have me on his show and I enjoyed getting to know him better too! Listen to more of Roger’s interviews at

stopridingStop Riding the Pine with Jaime Jay

Jaime is a cool guy and a very gracious host. He made me feel like a pro when I really felt like a novice. It was a great interview discussing the success I’d had in an email marketing campaign that I put together myself. Treat yourself to more of Jaime’s outstanding interviews at

videocrushThe Video Crush with Scott Markowitz

It was a ton of fun being on Scott’s show. We discussed an email marketing campaign I did and Scott wanted to dig in deep – into the philosophy of it, the reasons marketing is tough, and why new marketers are timid about reaching out. It was a great conversation. Listen to more interviews from Scott at www.TheVideoCrush.comFor some reason this audio loads slowly. Please be patient. Thanks!

coeshowThe Colorado Entrepreneur Show with Trevor Crow

I came across Trevor’s show in a Facebook group and reached out to him to see if I might be able to help with his podcast production. We began a conversation and next thing I knew he wanted to interview me for his show. It was a short an sweeet summation of my entrepreneurial journey. You can see more of what Trevor does at (This audio takes a few seconds to load – please be patient.)

spark itThe Spark It Network with Caren Glasser & Kathryn Trainor

This one’s not exactly an interview, but a show where I and the podcast production services I provide were featured in a segment covering the issue “Is editing really needed?” I thought it was a great idea to cover the subject and these two ladies reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to offer some information to their listeners. You can find this resource at

The Intentional ChristianpreneurThe Intentional Christian-Preneur with Jackie Smith

The Intentional Christian- Preneur is a weekly podcast started by Jackie Smith. It’s an inspiring show where she interviews Christians who have been led to “keep God’s business in their businesses. The podcasts are full of great real life stories how successful people failed and succeeded. You can find her show at .

Education HackersEducation Hackers with Steve Atwal

Steve had a great idea for a podcast and Education Hackers is the result. On his show Steve interviews people who create online education courses of various sorts, quizzing them on how they create their courses, what it is that they teach, and asking for specific tips on their area of speciality. In my episode Steve asked primarily about my video tutorials covering the open-source program Audacity.

Join Up DotsJoin Up Dots with David Ralph

David’s a ton of fun and airs his show from the UK. His show is based on a portion of a speech given by Steve Jobs in which the former Apple CEO said that we can’t tell what our life is going to hold for us looking forward, but when we look backward we can see the dots that have connected to make us who we are. David’s show seeks to understand the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and to learn some lessons about life. My episode was a rambling conversation that got into all kinds of subjects where I was able to share my faith and my thoughts on business and life.

SidepreneursSidepreneurs with Shawn Manaher

Shawn is a great brother who I’ve gotten to meet via my interaction on social media. His podcast is a great, daily show that highlights people like me who have build their business “on the side” while working another full-time job. In this episode of his show I was able to focus a ton on what I call “Daily Mindset Reset” – which is nothing more than the vital nature of getting your mind right every single morning of your life. I was very happy for the opportunity to pull truths directly from the scriptures as I shared my thoughts with Shawn. You’ll enjoy this episode.

Gospel Driven EntrepreneurGospel Driven Entrepreneur with P.J. Simmons

P.J’s got a get-to-the-point, gospel-driven show that focuses specifically on the road Christian entrepreneurs have taken to get to their current place in their life and business. These are 30 minute (or less) episodes with clear, powerful presentations of faith, the gospel, and the calling of God on the life of an individual. I couldn’t recommend listening to this show any more than I do (because I do a LOT). It’s one of my favorites for encouragement, learning, and building my faith as I journey onward in my business. I loved being on P.J.’s show.

Sandbox to SuccessSandbox to Success with Katrina Thom

I connected with Katrina through an email I was sending around to podcasters… basically through a marketing email. She responded with a kind “No, thank you.” and I responded, as I always do, with a creative email response designed to solicit further interest. She was very taken with how I responded, felt it made me “stand out” in the field and wanted to talk to me about the issue of standing out as a business. It was a fun conversation that went a lot of places neither of us expected. You’ll enjoy it.

Gospel Driven EntrepreneurAuthor Audience with Shelley Hitz

Shelley’s show is a great new podcast that’s taking iTunes by storm. Her personal experience of seeing her many Amazon books move to the top and create a full time income for her is an amazing story of how many options there are for entrepreneurs to build a business and income today. Shelley’s a wonderful Christian sister who I’ve enjoyed getting to know. This conversation was covering the issue of how Authors can get interviewed on podcasts to bring more exposure to themselves and their books. BTW, Shelley’s husband has a very cool first name 😉

Midlief Launch

Midlife Launch with Kingsley Grant

Kingsley has a great thing going on over at – He’s helping people who have already lived out one career to get their bearings and launch into something new. Sounds a lot like where I’ve been. When Kingsley and I were introduced he invited me to share my story on his show, and that’s what you’ll hear, here. 🙂

Startup Dad

Startup Dad Headquarters with Joel Louis

I had a great time chatting with Joel about my journey from Pastor to full time entrepreneur. It was good to reflect and great to see the wonders of what God has done in my life in the 3 years covered in this interview. Joel is great at digging into issues, senses what the “right” questions are to answer, and asks them well. It was a great conversation that you’ll enjoy.

Midlife Launch

Podcast Engineering Show with Chris Curran

Chris does a pretty fun, geek-out kind of show where he talks with people about exactly what his show title says – Podcast Engineering. He gets into the weeds of all kinds of technical questions including workflows, equipment, software settings, and all kinds of fun stuff. This was a chat we had about MY particular workflows and setup, given that I deal with my own podcast and those of many clients every week.

Digital Marketing Radio

Digital Marketing Radio with David Bain

David Bain was kind enough to invite me onto his show to chat about the success I’ve had doing direct email marketing to potential podcast clients. It was a ton of fun and something I was happy to share. I believe that if you are going to get clients, you’ve got to go find them. That’s a huge part of what I had to share on David’s show – and how to go about it. David has a fun, quirky little show with lots of playful jingles, etc. – it was great to chat with someone from the other side of the pond. You can find David’s stuff and our episode here.

Midlife Launch

Fail to Learn with Matt Fox

I was introduced to Matt through a mutual friend – Donnie Bryant – and we had a great chat about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life and journey. Matt’s got a very relaxed and engaging way of making a guest feel comfortable – and I so appreciate that. If you’re curious about what it’s really like to build a company (albeit a small one) from the ground up and where I made my mistakes along the way, you’ll enjoy this show. I’m pretty open about the dumb stuff I’ve done and the lessons I’ve learned from it. Isn’t it nice that God allows us to learn from our mistakes?

Midlife Launch

Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper

Nick is somebody I’ve listened to for a long time. His approach to building an online business consists of a number of side gigs, he calls them “side hustles.” Over time and through a variety of sources, Nick has built up a pretty significant income – and he interviews people who have done the same thing, reveal what they did, how they did it, and how it’s working. I was honored to be among the great people he’s had on his show.

Onion Juice Podcast

Onion Juice Podcast with Neil Mathweg

Neil Mathweg is a client of mine as part of the Podcast Fast Track family and has been a great encouragement and resource for me as I’ve been learning on my online journey. He’s got a very unique and powerful take on how to make social media truly social, marketing more attractional, and how to be a media company that does whatever it is you do. If that sounds a bit strange or confusing to you, you should listen to this episode. You’ll get the idea from what we shared about how easy it is to get stared. podcasting.

ReLaunch Show

The ReLaunch Show with Joel Boggess

I met Joel initially online – well, didn’t really meet him. I listened to his show. LOTS of them. The people he features are people who have done much what I’ve done – started their career and lives over half way through life. Those ReLaunch stories are part of what have inspired me to keep going on my journey. Anyway, I met Joel in real life at DC Podfest. When he heard about my story he was happy to have me share it on his show. So that’s what we did.

Chasing Dreams Podcast

The Chasing Dreams Podcast with Aimee J.

Aimee is one of my many cool clients. She’s been a great asset to our client list and a great encouragement to my PFT team. Aimee was so kind to invite me to be on her show, and as she says, “It was beyond time” for doing it. Aimee’s all about encouraging people to chase their dreams (as you can tell from the podcast name) and is truly one of the best interviewers I have ever experienced. That’s no joke. She truly listens and asks additional questions that go deeper. You’ll enjoy this conversation. I know I did.


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