All of us want to be known as a person who is making a difference in the lives of others. But we’re hardly ever sure if it’s happening, right? I mean, if people don’t give you specific feedback or you don’t see obvious proof that you’ve helped someone, it’s hard to tell.

And when it comes to business ideas or side income opportunities we don’t typically think of it as a way we can help others – we think mainly about it helping us. But it can and SHOULD BE both. On this episode of Live Build Change, I am going to tell you a bit of my story – for the sake of demonstrating how God can and does do some pretty extraordinary things in surprising ways – through everyday people like you and me.

[2:47] My story: Stepping out of a 20 year career and into the unknown.

When I found myself in a career transition that I never expected, I had to figure out ways to generate income. At the time I still had 4 of my children living at home, along with my in-laws who were soon to move in with us. One of the last things on my mind at that time was making a difference in the lives of others from a financial perspective.

But as He often does, God surprised me. He began to bless me and my family through a $25 at a time source of income – and as that coupled with other business opportunities that God brought my way, my wife and I began to grow in our perspective and in our faith. My story can be your story. The details will be different but the heart of God to help you and use you to be a difference maker in the lives of others is the same. Don’t miss out.

[5:30] The Christian motive to be generous can motivate wise and compassionate business practices.

It may not sound like a good idea to create something worth $175 a pop and only charge $25 for it. But it entirely depends on why you created the resource in the first place and what your WHY is for making it available. This episode highlights the story of how I created an online course that was worth at least $200, and why I decided to sell it for only $25 ($10 at first). It was because I was convicted by the Spirit of God that I needed to use it to make a difference in the lives of people, not just get all I could from it.

God’s grace in our lives, no matter the form it takes, is supposed to motivate generosity and kindness toward others as a reflection or demonstration of His love. I invite you to hear what He did in my heart and life – and what I believe He can do in yours.

[12:16] Overcoming the “I can’t do that” thinking.

When you hear any kind of “Cinderella story” where someone comes up from a fairly difficult or desperate situation and finds success, there’s always the temptation to say, “That’s great, but I can’t do that.”

I get it. I’ve BEEN that person. But I want to pose a question that you should seriously consider. And don’t give me the first answer that comes to mind. Ready?

“Why CAN’T you do it (or something similar)?”

People are accomplishing amazing things all the time. And they are people, just like you. And if you are are a follower of Christ, you have something many of them don’t – the Spirit of the living God of the universe living inside you. I suggest that saying, “I can’t do that” is more a reflection of your faith in God than it is the reality you live in.

I’ve got a challenge for you on this episode of the podcast. Are you ready to break out of your chains and find some freedom and blessing? Then listen up.

[16:15] The practical process for moving forward to build an online course.

The way that I got moving into a better mindset and situation when it came to finances was through the creation of an online course. It’s not the only way. It’s not necessarily the best way. But it’s the way God got me moving and the way I’m familiar with.

On this episode I share the steps that I recommend you go through to explore the idea of creating an online course of your own. And before you write the idea off altogether, just listen. You may find that the approach I take helps you figure out what could otherwise be a complicated mess… and that’s what you’re afraid of, right?

[27:50] What about the motives of greed behind making money? Shouldn’t Christians be concerned about that?

It’s got to be talked about. It’s easy to say that you are building a business or source of side income because you are interested in making a difference in the lives of others. But it’s possible to say that without it really being true. Right?

Motives are elusive things, but we’ve got to hunt them down, examine them, and deal with what we find if we are going to be authentic in our faith in Jesus Christ. I end this episode by addressing that issue. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to sordid motives for earning money and I think what I’ve got to say may help you work through the confusion.

Give it a listen.

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