Know your why.

You hear that advice in the business community over and over these days. And there’s good reason for it. It’s an important concept that every business leader needs to understand.

The focus on finding and knowing your “why” comes primarily from a great book by Simon Sinek, “Start With Why.” His premise is that every leader or business owner needs to be clear on WHY they are building their business or leading their cause. If they aren’t, they’ll be missing one of the key components that fuels a successful business and team culture.

But I don’t believe that’s the most important question YOU – a Christ-follower who wants to start a business – should be asking.

Outline of This Episode: If You Only Know Your Why

  • [0:14] My intro to this episode – and why I’m casting a vision for Christ-followers with an entrepreneurial bent.
  • [1:27] Start with Why: And evaluating similar arguments through a Christian filter.
  • [3:55] Why your “why” is NOT the most important thing.
  • [6:07] Your business will only be as strong as the “WHO” that you build your life (and business) on.
  • [10:53] What about businesses that don’t honor Christ and are incredibly successful?
  • [12:08] How you can be sure that your WHO is more important than your WHY.
  • [14:42] A personal story of what happens when you run on your own steam (ignore the WHO behind your life).
  • [19:33] The hard question you MUST ask yourself as you build a business – and a Call To Action for you from this episode.

Your WHO has got to be more important than your WHY.

Please don’t misunderstand, knowing the WHY behind what you’re doing in business truly a thing of vital importance. But if it’s the main thing you focus on you’re going to miss the boat as a Christ-follower. For you, it’s much more important that you KNOW YOUR WHO before you know your WHY.

This episode of LIVE BUILD CHANGE is a challenge for you to dig deeper than you might be used to digging in order to discover what really lies at the heart of your desire to build a business. I want you to come away from this episode with a deep conviction that your relationship with Jesus Christ is the most powerful and sustaining fuel for you as a business owner and as a result, for your business itself.

You need to hear this challenge. If only as an affirmation that you’re on the right track. But potentially as a much-needed course correction that can save you loads of grief, missteps, and mistakes as you walk your business path.

Call to Action for this Episode

Get out a journal and write your thoughts about this question:


Am I a committed follower of Christ who demonstrates by my actions that He means more to me than anything else?


Once you’re done writing out everything that comes to mind in response to that question, draw a line across the paper and write…

What I am going to do to take my relationship with Christ to the next level is…

Then fill in the blanks. Then share it with your spouse. Share it with a close friend. Or share it with the Live Build Change community. Or email me with your statement of commitment – carey(at)

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