When I was a kid I had crazy big dreams. I wanted to change the world.

Back then I had no idea what that would take and I had no idea exactly HOW I wanted to change the world, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

There’s always been something inside me that has made me want my life to count for more, wanting the time I spend on the planet to leave a dent in history. I read or watch stories about people like Winston Churchill, William Wilberforce, and others who stuck to their guns until something happened… and I want to be THAT kind of person.

A few years ago God started stirring all that up in a way that’s more clear than it’s ever been, and He’s got me moving in a specific direction.

This episode explains that direction and invites/challenges/encourages you to screw up your courage to come along.

We only get one shot at this life. Let’s make it count!

Here’s a rough outline of how I’m going to change the world…

  • [3:11] Why living your faith is likely not what you’ve been taught
  • [5:50] Why Christ-followers are best equipped to change the world
  • [8:05] A gut check moment: Are you truly in relationship with the Savior?
  • [12:01] The build part of my vision is about intentionality
  • [14:10] Why most people actually DO have time to do more
  • [18:59] I really do want to change the world. Here’s how I’m going about it
  • [24:20] WARNING: Don’t get the cart before the horse, please!

Changing the world starts with living your faith, and THAT is not what you think

Most people who listen to this podcast are Christians. Great, that’s who I’m talking to on this episode.

Because changing the world in a way that matters long-term only happens when God is in it. Seriously. We’ve got to learn what it really means to live out an authentic, genuine faith. That’s where our marching orders come from.

And it’s not about…

  • Attending church
  • Putting money in an offering plate
  • Being good
  • Going to Bible studies
  • Listening to K-Love or Air1
  • Subscribing to missionary newsletters

PLEASE DON’T MISUNDERSTAND ME… those are all good things in their proper place, but they are NOT what makes your faith genuine. At best, those are outgrowths of your faith.

Your faith itself flows out of an unbelievably amazing truth. It’s so unbelievable, I have a hard time believing it. 😉

Here is is, are you ready?

Christ-followers are indwelt by the God of the universe

Seriously. If that doesn’t give you shivers and blow your mind, you’d better check your spiritual pulse. It’s an amazing reality we have to get used to beliving.

Because it’s out of THAT reality that we are able to realize the incredible opportunity and privilege we have to…

  • Walk daily in sweet relationship with God Himself

And out OF that comes His clear direction for what we’re supposed to be doing to change the world, to change OUR worlds.

But before we get all hyped up about changing THE world, how about starting with OUR worlds?

It’s never a good idea to export things that aren’t working in your everyday life. There needs to be track record, something to show for the effort you’ve put in over time.

But what’s even more important is that the people near you matter just as much as the people across the world you may be aiming to help. In fact, I bet if you stop to let the concept settle on you, you’ll quickly see that the people close to you matter more to you.

Am I right?

So as you begin living out that authentic faith, the people around you should be the first ones to benefit.

Wives should get sweeter, more understanding husbands who genuinely care for them.

Husbands should get loving, supportive wives who encourage them to go for God’s best.

Kids should get parents out of the deal who wisely parent them in true faith and wisdom.

THAT is the way to begin changing YOUR world and it has GOT to come first.

There’s a lot more I mention about changing the world in this episode, so don’t miss it.

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