Many people SAY that they want to know how to get rid of fear, but they really don’t. I hope that doesn’t sound snarky, it’s just that I believe it’s true. The reason I say that is because the real way to get rid of fear has to do with what you believe. And yes, it is that simple. It’s a bit much to unpack in a short paragraph – which is why I recorded this episode of the podcast. Join me as I unload a few thoughts about how to get rid of fear by changing what you believe. It’s a concept that is proving powerful in my life right now, so I hope you listen.

[1:12] Is there any way in which you live from a place of fear?

I recently had coffee with a friend of mine and one of the things he said as we were chatting about his life and the direction he feels God is nudging him is this: “I think that I live from a place of fear.” Wow. That’s quite an admission, and quite a realization as well. He realized that he’s been making decisions – or not making decisions – from a motivation of fear. As I pointed it out to him in a clearer way he desperately wanted to know how to get rid of fear for good. Thankfully, with the recent loss of $4,000 a month in business income under my belt, I’d already been having some conversations with the LORD about fear – and I had something to share with him as a result. Are you ready to learn how to get rid of fear? You can, on this episode. And it works every – single – time.

[3:34] Fear is a manmade construct. WE create fear.

If you are anything like me you probably push back against a statement like that. And it makes sense why you may. We all find ourselves in circumstances where fear just seems to rise up from nowhere, but even then I think we are creating the fear ourselves. Not directly. Not intentionally. But we are the ones doing it nonetheless. Do you want to know how? We do it through what we are believing about the situation. If you want to go a bit more in-depth and find out what I mean, and more importantly, how it can help you get rid of fear, you have got to listen to this episode.

[5:51] A true story about fear in the face of a greater reality.

[10:16] We overcome fear by overcoming wrong beliefs.

[13:08] You don’t have to get rid of fear all at once.

When it comes to getting rid of fear the good news is that we don’t have to do it all at once. Like climbing a mountain we can take baby steps, a little bit at a time, to move us in a direction of faith rather than remaining stuck in a place of fear. But it can’t happen if you are not willing to examine and address the things you’re believing that are causing your fear. In this episode, I tell about a conversation I had with a friend and how he discovered some practical, small steps he could take to begin moving out of his self-confessed place of fear. My prayer is that you will find the same kind of help.

[18:25] Peace in the midst of a potentially devastating business loss.

Back in episode 21 of this podcast I told about a recent business setback I experienced – $4,000 per month in lost business income. That’s enough to make anyone feel a bit nervous and a lot afraid. But I didn’t feel afraid. I still don’t. I don’t tell you that in order to brag or to impress you – I tell you impress UPON you that you too can overcome fear – if you are willing to address the root of it. Find out what the root is and how to get rid of fear, on this episode.

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