If you have ever considered building online income, I BET you’ve wondered how to build an online course at least once. If you have, you’re smart. Online courses are perhaps the MOST passive way to generate income online. And we live in what some people have called “The Learning Economy” so it’s natural that people will continually be looking for things that teach them what they want to know. In fact, I often refer to YouTube as YouTube University, simply because I’ve learned so much from it!

[2:20] What I want to do in this episode: teach you how to build an online course.

On this episode of Live Build Change I’m doing a longer episode than normal but if you’re interested in building an online course you are going to benefit from every second. That’s because I’m walking step by step through how I have created both of my online courses – and I typically go about it the cheapest way possible. So if you’re wanting to spend some time creating a side hustle or online business but don’t have lots of cash to spend, this episode is for you.

[4:12] Finding an idea for your online course  (see episode 19 for details).

[5:13] How to build your online course through a good brain dump and outline for its content.

The structure of any online course matters a TON. It’s got to be arranged in a way that makes sense – sequentially, covering topics in a fashion that they build on each others. For some people that’s as normal to do as walking. For others, not so much. 🙂 So I thought I’d take a section of this tutorial on how to build an online course teaching you the process I use to sequentially lay out my course to make sense to me and the students who use it.

[10:14] The hardest part of building an online course: deciding exactly what you will say.

[12:54] Putting it all together: the tech and software you can use to build your online course.

I suspect that most people who have considered an online course as a possible source of revenue have been slowed down or even stopped from pursuing it by the beliefs they have surrounding the technology involved. I’m not going to snow you on this one – if you’ve never done much online or don’t feel you are good with computers – you will struggle with this aspect of building an online course. But you CAN learn it. That is, if you TELL yourself you can and depend on the Spirit of God to empower you to learn. Either way, I spend a significant portion of this episode going over the technology that I have used to build both of my online courses and I think you’ll find it’s not as difficult as you are imagining.

[21:32] You will have to do SOME video editing. But relax, it’s not that hard.

[28:33] Determining how you will deliver your video course to people.

[36:26] How do you accept credit cards for your online course?

Most of us don’t have a credit card swiper thingie in our pockets at all times. And even if we did (or do) when you build an online course you don’t want to be forced to manually swipe or process every transaction that comes your way. You want to automate that kind of stuff as much as possible so you can be earning money while you sleep. That’s why you need to decide on a payment processor that fits the way you want your course to work. You need one with

[40:36] The marketing approach I’ve taken for my online courses.

Marketing and sales scares a lot of people. And I think it does because they don’t understand it – and because they don’t know how powerfully effective some of the online tools can be in making it easier AND more effective. As an example, I’ve used YouTube – a FREE platform – to do most of the marketing and promotion for my online courses. And it’s worked INCREDIBLY well. So… listen to this episode to walk step by step through how I have built both of my online courses.

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