Unless you have a degree in education you may not be familiar with the concept of educational models. Think of it this way…

There are different ways to do almost anything. Education is no different.

  • Apprenticeships
  • Trade Schools
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Self-Teaching
  • The College/University model

Those are the ones we typically think of – each one having its own approach or WAY of doing the actual teaching.

But the changes in technology that have happened over the last 20 to 30 years have initiated what I consider to be an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for anyone who is willing to get outside the norm of what education has typically been and try it a different way.

But it takes an unusual person (in a good way). It takes someone who is self-motivated, can hold themselves accountable, and can learn on their own (sort of).

Let me give you an example of a new educational model…

Youtube University

OK, YouTube is not really a university, but it might as well be. There are so many things you can learn there – absolutely for free. In just the last year I’ve learned how to…

  • Repair my car
  • Patch a shower enclosure
  • Add a new skill to my audio editing toolbox
  • Optimize the keywords on my website
  • Quickly evaluate a real estate investment property
  • How to setup a chatbot for my Facebook page

And much more. All on YouTube.

In fact, my existing business exists entirely because of this new educational model that I employed to learn what I needed to learn in order to get it started.

This episode is not only about making you aware of the opportunity, but motivating you to take a closer look – for yourself and for your kids who will be looking at educational choices.

They don’t have to go the traditional route if it’s not the best route. In fact, in this episode I tell you about my now-17-year-old son who is considering skipping college altogether because of an opportunity that has been presented to him.

What do you think of THAT? Am I an irresponsible parent?

Listen to what I have to say on this episode and then make up your mind. I hope I can convince you that the changing world we live in demands that we think differently than we ever have about the educational models that we employ to get where we need to go.

Happy listening!

Summary of This Episode About: NEW EDUCATIONAL MODELS

  • [0:43] How the educational landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years.
  • [2:39] What I consider to be a “traditional education” and the typical drawbacks.
  • [4:21] Non-traditional education: my personal story and how I discovered it.
  • [7:59] As you consider the Live Build Change emphasis, consider self-education.

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