LBC Facebook Community

Get involved in the LIVE - BUILD - CHANGE Facebook Community of Christ following world-changing entrepreneurs and side hustlers!
Think of us as your faith-based business brothers and sisters!

If you're going to change the world you're going to need support. The LBC Facebook community is here for you. Just let us know who you are and you'll be approved for the community shortly and allowed access.

It's one of the best things you could do for yourself... surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can encourage and equip you on the journey to God's bigger vision for your life.

The group is a NO SPAM community aimed at helping each other live our faith authentically, build a business, and change the world.




There's no cost... just a request that you engage, honestly offer your encouragement to those within the community, and let us help you too.


If you've benefited, share it with someone else!