Ethical principles in business are an easy thing to talk about – TALK ABOUT – and not so easy to actually PULL OFF. But that’s the hard work that makes them worthwhile. It’s what sets you apart from both your competition and in the eyes of your clients and customers.

You’d think that for Christ-followers applying ethical principles to a business should be a walk in the park. Think again. It’s never easy for anyone to consistently, wisely, compassionately do the right thing when there are plenty of people and organizations out there just looking for someone to cast stones at.

Christians seem to be a favorite target.

On this episode I dive into one example – from my business – of how we Christ-followers need to not only think through the ethical principles that should distinguish our business from others, but also how we need to carefully navigate the waters of applying them.

There are legal things to consider. Moral things to consider. Faith things to consider.

Consider that for a while. 🙂

We’ll cover an example or two, look at a specific scenario I’ve had to deal with on multiple occasions, and look to the scriptures for principles that apply to both our business practices and the perspective we have on people – who are the objects of service any business is aimed toward.

Ethical principles are vitally important in business. For a Christ-follower, times 10.

What you’ll hear in this episode about: Ethical Principles in Business

  • [0:47] The interesting tensions that come up because of ethical principles in business.
  • [2:12] How do you maintain your Christian standards as you run your business? (the Gay wedding cake issue – again)
  • [4:02] How and why I began thinking about ethical principles as they apply to my business.
  • [9:44] Realize that the money WILL have a pull on you, no matter who you are.
  • [12:03] How I’ve had to deal with clients that need to be “fired.”
  • [14:14] Taking a page from Apple when it comes to not working with certain content.
  • [18:03] Why creating something that explains your company values is not enough.
  • [21:36] How have potential clients responded? Only a few have been angry, believe it or not.
  • [23:52] What does it mean to hold to ethical principles in business in a way that makes Christ look good?
  • [27:34] The benefits that come from responding to anti-Christian customers and clients in love and with understanding – but clear conviction.
  • [29:31] Why we Christ-followers must stand when everyone else bows. A matter of faith.

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