It’s easy to get a bit confused about the difference between dreams and goals. Is it just semantics? Or is there a difference that really matters? Since I’m doing an episode on the topic you might have the suspicion that I have an opinion, and you’d be right. I think there is not only a difference between dreams and goals, I believe there’s a HUGE difference. Dreams come first and then they translate into goals – that is, if they are really goals.

It sounds a bit confusing now, but if you take the time to listen you’ll get it. I’m confident you will because you’re smart!

If you have a goal that you’re not acting on – you’re wrong. It’s not a goal. It’s a dream.

Back when I was first married I was listening to one of my favorite guitarists, a guy by the name of Phil Keaggy. I looked over at my father-in-law and said something like this, “Man, I’d give anything to be able to play like that.” He calmly responded, “No, you wouldn’t.”

I was mad, so I asked him why he said that. He said, “If you would, you would already be doing it.” You know, he was right. He understood that if it was really a goal, I would be taking action. But it wasn’t – it was nothing more than a dream, a fanciful wish that I wasn’t motivated enough to pursue to make it an actual goal.

On this episode, I tell a story from my Middle School years (wow, that was a long time ago) that illustrates many of the difficulties and struggles you might experience in trying to make your dreams become realities. I hope it helps you. It helped me to walk back through the memories and notice God’s faithful hand in my life.

You shouldn’t let an 8th grader show you up. Come on! Be a man (or woman)!

By God’s grace, I was able to accomplish something pretty amazing as an 8th grader. You’ll hear the story on this episode.

And it’s the same type of thing that all of us have to do if we are going to make something impacting out of these lives God has given us.

I did it as an 8th grader with far fewer resources than we have available today. That’s one of many reasons why I’m confident you can make your dreams into goals and your goals into realities. What are you waiting for?

Are you going to let an 8th grader show you up?

Outline of this episode about the difference between dreams and goals

  • [2:14] My story of dreaming about playing the drums.
  • [4:44] OK – here’s the difference between a dream and a goal: action.
  • [6:16] How a dream begins to turn into a goal. No, it’s not evolution. Just listen. 😉
  • [10:05] How I approached Mr. Duggan to sell myself to him as the new drummer – even though I couldn’t play the drums, and didn’t own a drum set. Hmmmmm
  • [12:00] How I stumbled into the opportunity as an 8th grader and happened to get it right.
  • [15:24] The deal I made with my Mom. I still can’t thank God enough that she did it.
  • [18:41] My challenge: Don’t let an 8th grader show you up!
  • [26:40] What it means to “learn the hard way” – it’s not what you think.
  • [28:09] And that’s when my heart sank. It would have been easy to quit.
  • [38:09] Why you have a better opportunity than I ever did as an 8th grader.

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