We live in a world that encourages us to dream big. That’s fine – in fact, I think most of us Christ-followers need a kick in the seat of the pants to get us thinking along the line of what our God might accomplish if we had the faith to join Him. But we can’t presume upon Him. We can’t create our own “big dream” and expect God to fulfill it just because we are believers. He is God – He remains the one who gives the marching orders. Yet – we need to dream big. How does that look? This episode touches on it and tells you a bit of my journey in recent months.

[1:00] How I was challenged to enlarge my vision.

Recently I was at a conference that one of my clients puts on and was able to hear the story of a guy who started a worldwide charity organization. The things he and his team are doing – and built from the ground up – made me rethink my own dreams. Here I am, a Christ-follower and I’ve unintentionally limited my vision to the things that I think are possible rather than asking God for bigger things. On this episode I’ll tell you the story and how it’s challenging me to think bigger and dream bigger.

[5:14] What is the WHY that motivates you? Is it big enough?

You may know from the zero episode of this podcast that I’m hopeful that my business can fund bible translations for people who don’t have the scriptures in their own language. But as I’ve looked at exactly WHY I only dreamed to fund a couple of translations instead of asking the LORD to enable me to rid the world of biblically illiterate people groups – I can’t tell you. But I have a feeling that I was letting my faith be limited by what I thought was possible, rather than what I thought God could do. It’s convicting. And it made me wonder if your vision is too small just like mine was.

[6:11] Is your walk with the LORD sufficient to enable you to receive a bigger vision?

None of this “dream big” stuff should be taken on by ourselves. God is the giver of dreams – and when He gives one it is sure to come to pass because He is the one working to see it happen. But graciously, we get to take part – IF we are walking closely to Him, delighting IN Him as Psalm 37:4 says. I wrap up this episode with a short reminder of what it means to walk with the LORD and why we need to do so if we want to dream bigger and do the things God has in store for us.

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