I’m a Christ-follower, so I believe I’m supposed to be changing the world.

And if you’re a Christ-follower, I believe you are supposed to be changing the world, too.

The problem is, we don’t easily or naturally see how the fact that we are followers of Jesus Christ integrates into that calling.

Yes, we’re supposed to share our faith.

Yes, we’re supposed to “minister” to people (whatever that means).

But how does all our church-speak apply to everyday life in a real world?

Changing the world happens day by day, one person at a time.

And it often happens in the most unexpected ways.

20 years in pastoral ministry and the creation of a successful online business (or two) has taught me that Jesus wants to change the world right where His followers are at, in daily life.

That means in your family, in your community, in your church, and in your business.

They all go together. Every day.

It’s not spiritual mumbo-jumbo, it’s where the realities of daily living and the power of Jesus (who lives in us) meet.

Join me in exploring and unleashing all that it means to be a Christ-follower, everyday of your life.

My hope is to provide a wealth of free resources (yes, free) to help you become knowledgeable and equipped to BE who Jesus wants you to be in the world you live in.

As you do that, you have the potential and power to change the world – your world.

It will happen in big and little ways as you faithfully live out who Jesus has made you to be and as you learn to integrate that identity into every area of your life.

The first step I’m asking you to take is simple.

Get my “Transform Your Life and Business” video course.

It’s free.

It’s solid, biblical content.

And it’s not your run-of-the-mill church talk.

You’ll discover things about what Jesus has done for you, in you, and TO you that will transform your life if you apply it.

That’s my guarantee.

So please, get my course, join the LBC Facebook community, and join the conversation and the movement.

What to expect from LIVE BUILD CHANGE in the days ahead.

I’ve learned the hard way not to make promises  based on what I hope to accomplish. So instead, I’ll tell you what I think the LORD is guiding me toward. Just know, it’s almost guaranteed to change some as I get moving…

  • The LIVE BUILD CHANGE podcast/videocast (at least weekly) to spur you on in your world changing calling.
  • Regular blog posts to motivate and equip you for life and business success.
  • FREE courses to further move you and your business forward.
  • Unapologetic “call it like I see it” commentary on the current business world and climate.
  • Biblically sourced insights to the issues you face in life and business.
  • LBC events (eventually). My vision is to organize small group synergy to truly equip and enable Christ-following entrepreneurs to make massive change in their worlds.

I look forward to growing together in bringing great honor to our Master, Jesus.

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