Is it true that if you change your mind (the way you think) you can change your life? I believe the scripture teaches that it is true – absolutely. It’s a part of what we Christ-followers refer to as “faith.”

But it’s not just optimism or positive thinking. It’s much more than that. It’s believing specific things that are 100% TRUE, even though at times they don’t necessarily FEEL true. And that’s why I think we get so flummoxed on this issue. We give too much credence to what we FEEL, allowing it to convinces us that things are true that are not.

So… on this episode I’m going to take you on a deep-dive into what I understand the scripture to teach about what I see as a domino effect involving beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But more importantly, I’m going to give you some tips for how I’ve learned to change my own mind so that I can change my life. And this stuff really works. It should, because it’s God’s truth. So listen and learn how you really can change your mind and change your life. 🙂

What we believe necessarily impacts the way we behave.

Imagine what it would be like if you settled into your favorite chair to enjoy a drink and a good book or favorite TV show, and you glance toward the arm of your chair and see a big, hairy spider!

I don’t know what you’d do, but you’d do something, right?

But then, what would happen if you realized it was your kid’s rubber spider toy? You’d start to calm down – sort of. But it would take a while for your emotion and adrenaline to catch up with your mind.

That’s just an example of how what we BELIEVE impacts our feelings and actions – even if what we’re believing is not true. So… listen to this episode to find out how you can take control of your beliefs to change your life.

You are not a victim of your preconceived beliefs. You get to decide what to believe.

All of us have ideas or beliefs about the world, people, life, God – and they truly function like software that run this “human machine.”

BUT – the great news is that you can change the software. You can rewrite it according to what GOD says is true rather than what you’ve come to believe is true. And here’s the kicker – you get to decide to make those changes any time you want.

This episode takes you into how all that stuff works in our inner being, in our soul. I trust it will be helpful to you because these concepts have honestly changed the lives of my wife and I as we’ve learned them and discovered how to apply them to the practical, daily things we encounter.

Outline of this episode: Change your mind, change your life

  • [0:52] How I’ve learned that your life can change if you change the way you think.
  • [3:44] Mindset: what does it REALLY mean from a biblical perspective?
  • [6:52] Understanding how our inner world works – the realm of the soul.
  • [18:01] An additional question Christ-followers MUST ask.
  • [21:35] Why you need to be aware of God’s enemy who is out to ruin you.
  • [26:44] Where do your negative thoughts come from? This is important to know.
  • [29:24] It is entirely possible that you can renew you mind. Here’s how.
  • [32:17] STOP to reset your thinking right now with basic questions.
  • [38:40] It’s true: belief runs the show of our lives.

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change your mind, change your life

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