You CAN change the world. Really, you can.

I know you hear a lot of that kind of stuff on the internet in this day and age – and there’s a reason you do: because it’s TRUE!

This podcast and the website that hosts it is dedicated to helping you learn HOW to change your world through building a business that can fund the kind of change God puts on your heart.

Yes, this is one of THOSE kinds of podcasts, one that talks about God – but not in the “you are god” or “god is what you imagine Him to be” ways.

This podcast is carefully and clearly aimed at helping radically Christ-following people discern how God wants to use them to bring amazing changes to their world through building a small but growing business.

Keep reading (and listening) to find out more about how the Live Build Change podcast is aimed at doing that.

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Outline of This Episode: Change the world through a small but growing business.

  • [0:15] What the HECK do I mean by “LIVE your faith, BUILD your business, CHANGE your world?”
  • [2:39] Why I LEFT a 20 year ministry career with nothing to fall back on.
  • [3:55] My first SUCCESSFUL online thing: a “pay what you want” video course.
  • [5:50] The day I discovered that a normal J-O-B was not going to work for me (whew!).
  • [8:40] How my online successes translated into causes BIGGER than just making a living.
  • [11:00] The variety of ways YOU can change your world through building a business.
  • [13:27] The FOUNDATIONAL issue: living your faith out practically.
  • [16:54] What you can expect from the format of this podcast in the future.
  • [19:05] Subscribe to get the “Morning Mindset” edition – 7 days a week.
  • [20:53] 3 ways you can join me on the Live Build Change quest.

Think about what it takes to change the world.

Really, take a couple of minutes to think about what it practically, honestly takes to see significant changes happen in the world. It’s not just about big things, world-wide things – it’s about individual people whose lives are changed in significant ways.

When you think of it like that it seems a ton more possible to be or become a world-changer. And as a Christ-follower you have a leg up on everyone else – because you have the Holy Spirit of God in you to help you do that changing.

Here’s how I’m looking to make you into a world changer.

Well, it’s not ME who’s going to make you into a person who changes the world, it’s God Himself – but I believe He’s going to use my experience, the things He’s done in my life, to encourage, equip, and position you so that you can actually become a person who He uses to change the world.

This is the ZERO EPISODE – the one where I tell you what this podcast is about and what you can expect to hear on it in the future.

I ask you to give me at least one chance, one opportunity right now to speak into your earbuds, to share the vision and dream God has given me for how we can band together to change the world – through authentic lives of faith – through small but growing business – by generously funding causes, campaigns, and benevolent gifts that change people one at a time.

Go ahead, push the play button and give this zero episode a listen. And thanks!

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