Are you curious what goes on in a business coaching session? You’re about to find out.

One of my old college friends connected with me a few weeks back after hearing me interviewed on another person’s podcast and wanted to know if I thought he would be able to build a business that could generate enough income to allow him to…

  1. Give away half of his income
  2. Live on the mission field a significant part of the time

What do YOU think I told him?

So I asked my college friend Gary to come on the podcast for a live business coaching session – so that YOU could hear how we go about it, what is involved in the beginning steps of a business idea, and how you can start researching to see if it might work.


  • [0:01] My first ever business coaching session – on this episode!
  • [0:39] My introduction to my old friend Gary and his situation and goals.
  • [4:44] Why I think anyone can build a business to help them change the world.
  • [5:36] Things Gary has done that might be able to be leveraged into side income.
  • [8:32] Where could Gary package something that would meet a clear need?
  • [10:55] Gary’s idea and the roadblocks that might exist.
  • [13:28] How could Gary find out the content he needs to know?
  • [15:30] The possibilities Gary sees and the potential hurdles I see.
  • [18:20] Keeping in mind Gary’s end goals as he builds a potential online course.
  • [21:43] Who would be interested in this kind of course?
  • [22:38] How to research the number of people needing this type of course.
  • [27:02] Thinking through the approach to a course (or multiple courses).
  • [30:40] Homework for Gary to do to research his idea.
  • [32:17] The many things that go into creating a product or service.
  • [34:19] Why I’d love to have YOU on the show.
  • [35:08] Would you do me one small favor?

He wants to give half of his income away!????!!!??!?

Yep. That’s one of Gary’s goals – and I LOVE it. He’s just the kind of passionate follower of Christ that I want to get the fire in his soul that drives him to make a difference in the world THROUGH the income he generates.

It’s that generous heart of his I love, the desire to be a vessel through which God pours His abundance to help others, bless others, and bring them to a place that they can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This business coaching session is to show you how YOU can begin.

There is absolutely NOTHING complicated about researching a business idea. Anyone can do it. But not everyone WILL do it – because it takes work, determination, and a willingness to let the numbers speak for themselves. If it’s a great idea – then it’s a great idea. If it’s not. It’s not and you’re better off looking at something else.

In this first ever business coaching session I walk Gary through the idea generation phase, narrow in on a possible target service or product, and give him some homework regarding what he needs to do to verify the market need and establish exactly what his product might be like.

I hope you take the time to listen. This conversation is proof that anyone can do this business thing – if they are willing to do the work.

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