I hope you’re at least familiar with the scripture, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17) It’s a powerful truth that applies on a number of levels. On this episode, I get into the topic by highlighting a situation my in-laws have been involved with lately – it includes prison, alcoholism, and an innate knowledge that environment impacts the way you are able to live.

The reality is that YOU have a choice about who (and what) you allow to influence you.

To the degree that your mindset and ideas are impacted by the people around you, you are responsible to govern your own mind and life in light of that circumstance. Sometimes that means you have to change the influences that are around you – or at least minimize the impact of negative influences and people around you. This episode makes a case for that responsibility and gives you some tools that can help you do it.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

That’s the way business mentor Jim Rohn says that as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. If those 5 people who you surround yourself with are people who are farther down the road you want to go down and should be going down, you WILL BE positively impacted. It’s natural. It’s the way God created relationships to work.

How do you find the iron to sharpen YOUR iron?

Consider the kind of person you want to influence you in the direction you believe you should be going. Do you see how this deserves serious consideration and prayer? Think about it: You are looking for a person you are going to intentionally allow to influence you. You need to be wise, discerning, and careful as you make up your mind about it. And then you have to figure out HOW to get in the same orbit as those people. It can be hard if they are a person far beyond you in terms of achievement or social circles. On this episode I give you some pointers about how to cultivate those relationships and how to make the most of the opportunities.

A quick outline of this episode about iron sharpening iron.

  • [1:29] My in-law’s experience with a young man that illustrates the power of environment.
  • [13:11] Who are you looking for when it comes to positive influences in your life?
  • [19:17] How do you being surrounding yourself with positive influences?
  • [23:39] Why you need to STAY in what I call, “student mode” all the time.
  • [26:14] What is at stake when it comes to who you choose to be the iron that sharpens you?

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